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I’ve been in the desert, a bit arid in my prayers lately. I recognize the cycle, I know it as He wills and it will pass in His time.

While I wait, I take time for my regular morning prayers. This morning a reflection begins and He speaks to my heart: “Woman, your thoughts are not mine!” (John 2:4) and I burst into tears.

I know my thoughts are not His and in an instant I see myself unmasked, without the façade I have built before myself and others: unkind, uncharitable, judging, crude, rude, callous, without compassion, cold, unwilling to soften my heart.

He is with me in this moment. He doesn’t reject me nor even admonish; He is simply present, tender and gentle.

“Be humble by what you see. Be softened, be malleable, cooperate with Me. Let Me transform you; let Me make you holy.”

I desire this very much. I am ready, and grateful. Yes, Lord – Jesus, I trust in you!


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