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Seven Plagues

I read this blog today and while I don’t exactly agree with it 100%, I am definitely intrigued and pondering it. Parts of it resonate with me and ring very true, though I’m not sure I agree with her conclusion on “what” the plagues are.

I am not super-well versed in the book of Revelation, but I guess I had assumed that the “7 plagues” that will be poured out will be physical punishments, like the plagues that Egypt suffered in the Old Testament. So I find this a fascinating idea … could the writer of this blog be onto something?

I realized plagues have already been unleashed upon the earth.  God commanded His Angels to unleash them as punishment upon humanity as a consequence of it’s rebellion against God.  The plagues aren’t what we expected … Plagues of the Old Testament had to do with physical suffering of the flesh.  Because we are children of the New Testament; heirs of Christ’s legacy and His creation of the church with the seven sacraments (fonts of every grace imagninable), the new plagues have a dimension far surpassing those of old.  While physical, they contain the spiritual core that eats at the soul as well as the flesh, and worsens with each descending generation.  Each involves personal sin; free will and a distinct choice to disobey God.  Thus, our judgement will be undeniably clear.  They are:

  •     Birth Control
  •     Divorce
  •     Abortion, and all forms of carnal violence and bloodthirst
  •     Terrorism on mulitiple levels – interior and exterior, national and individual
  •     Pornography
  •     Homosexuality
  •     Addiction/obsession

Any consent to succumb to the plagues causes severe spiritual blindness where human conscience is silenced.  Each plague has far reaching consequences that increase exponentially with compromise of our wills, and effect the most innocent of our society the most.  The only individual protection from the infecting plagues are Truth, purity, faith and passionate renouncement of sin.  The plagues are undeniably real, and have resulted in severe generational, social and spiritual destruction.

Each of the plagues cause moral decay, and destruction of:
1. marriage
2. the family
3. the individual

…. Each of the plagues have caused intense suffering on each of these levels destroying the individual and humanity, from within. Natural disasters have resulted from the disorder of nature caused by these plagues, and are now an additional element of present day martyrdom. 


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mish mash

I just talked with Joe – he’s living his dream life and having a ball in Portland! My niece, Maggie, just moved into an apartment in Toronto to start her dream job with a non-profit that helps children.

I keep thinking about “adventure.” I am not a particularly adventurous person, and I wonder, now, if I’ve missed some wonderful things?

On a messageboard this week a gal wrote about how she feels so insignificant. She isn’t the best at anything; she feels disposable, unseen, wonders where her place is and importance is. The thing that surprised me was how many people responded, saying they often feel the exact same way. I know I sure do.

I can “know” things on one level … our importance is measured by God, not by “things” in this world; we are significant to Him; lives spent caring for others are filling the most important role; a life lived in this day and age is probably more adventurous and interesting than during any other time in history.

But sometimes there is a disconnect between knowing those things on one level and really believing them.

No answers, only a touch of melancholy and pondering tonight; a mish mash of thoughts running around my head.

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