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The love of God

God IS love … love is His very nature. His love is constant and steady – He doesn’t love us “more” because of anything we do … neither does He love us “less” because of anything we do.

(It’s all about Him, and what He did for us!)

I recently read a very cool illustration about the love of God.

Consider a home in a meadow with the sun (love of God) shining warmly upon it. The activity of the people have no effect on the sunshine – it simply “is,” constant and never waning.

Inside the home, however, are shutters. One can throw open the shutters, or step out into the sunshine … or one can close up the shutters, choosing to huddle in the dark.

Outside the sun continues to shine unabated; it is not less.

Inside … have you shuttered your heart? It’s never too late – throw open the shutters and step out into His limitless love!




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