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I have been praying for those who don’t believe in God, and for those who have left the Church.

Sometimes I wonder why God doesn’t give each person a clearer sign of His presence as He did for Paul. In a flash of light He knocked Paul to the ground, revealing Himself and Paul believed.

Couldn’t God do that for my loved ones? Couldn’t He reveal Himself more clearly and help them to see Him?

But I guess it isn’t so simple nor clear-cut that everyone would respond as Paul did. Balaam had nearly the same experience as Paul. His donkey talked to him and Balaam talked to the Spirit of God; he knew that the Spirit was forbidding him to curse Israel, yet he continued trying anyway.

In 1 Samuel 5 the Philistines had captured the ark of God and twice found their god Dagon laying prostrate before it. They suffered from plagues of mice and from hemorrhoids and finally summoned their priests to find out how to return the ark of the LORD to the Israelites.

They knew their suffering came from the God of Israel; they weren’t doubting His existence or power. They saw that their god was powerless before God. But they did not turn toward God.

What is it like to worship a god with no power, all-the-while knowing there is a God who offers so much more?

I guess we all know what it’s like – we all have worshiped our little gods that do not satisfy, that cannot save. And we have all witnessed people of faith drawing strength and peace and comfort from God while they are in impossible situations.

I pray that God will continue working in the lives of everyone who does not yet believe. He knows each heart and what each individual most needs – whether a small quiet whisper or to be knocked off their donkey in a flash of blinding light. I trust the LORD will reveal Himself to each one so that all will turn to Him, love Him. For their sake and for His glory, this is my most heartfelt prayer.


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