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Sometimes I look at the world and at our country and I feel such disquiet at what I see … man’s inhumanity to man in the forms of war, human trafficking, abortion. My heart cries out for the victims and their suffering.

And my heart cries out in another way for people who are lost, oblivious to the harm they do to their body, mind and soul in so many ways by following the world and “self.”

I guess it’s true that there is nothing new under the sun. I was reading Ezekiel this morning:

… and the LORD said to him: Pass through the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and mark an X on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the abominations practiced within it.” (Ezekiel 9:4)

How well-said; how familiar. I, too, grieve and lament over evil; over immorality running rampant and its cost to my fellow human beings; to abominations practiced.

I feel powerless to “stop it” or to make a real difference by my own actions, but neither can I ever become complacent and simply accept it.

No answers today, only lingering sadness.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

**Edit** Because I love God’s timing … later in the day after writing this post, I read a quote. And somehow, it seems to fit.

Every Christ-follower has to realize that we carry a sacred, burning light that is infinitely more powerful than the lies of the enemy. Your light might seem small, but even the smallest act of love can illuminate the shadows. – Josh Wilson







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In his homily for the opening of the Year of Faith on Oct. 11, 2012, Pope Benedict spoke of the “desertification” of the world, describing society today as a kind of desert or void wherein godlessness runs rampant.

As we have seen in the recent defeat of the marriage amendment, today’s majority has turned away from the will of God, as known through revelation and the natural law, in order to seek lives built on self-desires and self-interests. Into such a secular context, this Year of Faith calls us to bear witness within society to the Kerygma or truth of the Gospel in new ways that are both attractive and persuasive.

I very much appreciate these thoughts from Pope Benedict. I have been feeling very detached lately, and his description of the world being a desert or void captures how I feel, although I don’t think it’s something new. Noah lived in a wicked world and Lot lived right in Sodom; both were so wicked that God completely destroyed them.

I guess I partly feel defeated – I think society has long been heading the wrong direction in areas of families and marriage, morals, and in issues of pro-life such as abortion, euthanasia and war (drones are a very spooky development to me). We have handed away too many of our freedoms that our ancestors fought so hard for – simply handed them away until now we don’t really notice a new law that tells us even what we can or cannot eat.

But it also feels good to be “detached” – I’m tired of worrying and struggling against it – it’s a losing battle. The world is going to do what the world wants to do. The desert is there, I can’t change it; I can only do what I can in my own little world, trying to help people in the ways God leads me.

I feel sad though; I think it is a snowball that’s rolling downhill and growing quickly. Besides the physical cost of immorality and evil in our world (shootings, human trafficking, etc.), there is an even greater spiritual cost. I know my part is to pray. And dear God, I do pray: Forgive us Lord for we know not what we do. Protect us from being deceived; protect us from evil; protect us body, mind and spirit. Please guide our leaders and open the eyes and minds and hearts of people around the world to You, to Your goodness and Light. Help us all to see you, to seek you, to follow you; help us to find Hope in You. In the name of Jesus I pray with the power of the Holy Spirit to our Heavenly Father, amen.

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