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At Palm Sunday liturgy last night, the Passion of Christ was read.  I listened and as I heard this, it gave me pause:

“Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me;
weep instead for yourselves and for your children
for indeed, the days are coming when people will say,
‘Blessed are the barren,
the wombs that never bore
and the breasts that never nursed.’
At that time people will say to the mountains,
‘Fall upon us!’
and to the hills, ‘Cover us!’”
(Luke 23:28-30)

I ponder that.

I know scholars agree that Jesus was talking about the upcoming fall of Jerusalem and the terrible suffering that was coming upon her people. And perhaps in a larger sense, it describes all calamities where people watch their loved ones suffer terribly.

But last night, I “heard” it in a different way, a different layer.

Today, we hear people calling abortion “sacred,” “a blessing.” Today, the call to make assisted suicide and euthanasia legal is gaining voices.

Are they not saying “blessed are the … wombs that never bore?” Are they not calling to the mountains to “fall on us! cover us!”

Jesus tells us to weep over this.

And indeed, I do.






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Sometimes I look at the world and at our country and I feel such disquiet at what I see … man’s inhumanity to man in the forms of war, human trafficking, abortion. My heart cries out for the victims and their suffering.

And my heart cries out in another way for people who are lost, oblivious to the harm they do to their body, mind and soul in so many ways by following the world and “self.”

I guess it’s true that there is nothing new under the sun. I was reading Ezekiel this morning:

… and the LORD said to him: Pass through the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and mark an X on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the abominations practiced within it.” (Ezekiel 9:4)

How well-said; how familiar. I, too, grieve and lament over evil; over immorality running rampant and its cost to my fellow human beings; to abominations practiced.

I feel powerless to “stop it” or to make a real difference by my own actions, but neither can I ever become complacent and simply accept it.

No answers today, only lingering sadness.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

**Edit** Because I love God’s timing … later in the day after writing this post, I read a quote. And somehow, it seems to fit.

Every Christ-follower has to realize that we carry a sacred, burning light that is infinitely more powerful than the lies of the enemy. Your light might seem small, but even the smallest act of love can illuminate the shadows. – Josh Wilson






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I read this blog several days ago and it really struck a chord with me. Here is an excerpt:

On April 26, President Obama, the first sitting president to address Planned Parenthood, not only thanked that organization which aborts around 300,000 children a year, but added, “God bless you.” Evil, be thou my good.

 On June 13, Nancy Pelosi said that the abortion issue is “sacred ground.” Evil, be thou my good.

 On June 20, a New York Times Op-Ed contributor described the aborting of her 23-week-old son, who had a heart defect: “I felt my son’s budding life end as a doctor inserted a needle through my belly into his tiny heart. As horrible as that moment was — it will live with me forever — I am grateful. We made sure our son was not born only to suffer. He died in a warm and loving place, inside me.” Evil, be thou my good.

It brings to mind this passage from Isaiah 5:20: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

This week came news of a battle in Texas as lawmakers attempt to pass laws restricting late-term abortion. As pro-lifers sang “How Great Thou Art,” opponents were chanting, “Hail satan!”

Evil, be thou my good.

It wrenches my heart for anyone who would say such a thing. They might think they are being clever, but “make no mistake: God is not mocked, for a person will reap only what he sows.” (Galatians 6:7)

Father forgive them … they know not what they do.




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I have been pondering Judges, chapter 19. It tells the story of a Levite who retrieves his runaway concubine and on their journey back home, they are attacked by a mob. He throws her to the mob and she is raped and abused to her death.

We often look at the old testament and are left wondering how people could behave like that. How could they have been so barbaric? Why did their society treat women like property, completely disposable? What kind of a society is that, and how could anyone want to be part of it?

And yet …

Today in our society people are still treated as property, easily disposed of when it is “convenient.” And their disposal is barbaric, without concern to the pain they feel. They don’t even get a decent burial – they are considered a bio-waste.

Our president, elected twice by large margins and hugely popular, said recently that a proposed bill banning late-term abortion shows contempt for the Constitution and “assaults women’s rights.” I thought the Constitution guaranteed the right to life?

I can only shake my head in sorrow. Is there anything new under the sun? Not really. What is it in human nature that causes us to seek power and then turn around and abuse that power against someone else? We are every bit as viciousness as any society in the past, and our reasons are just as self-serving.

Dear God forgive us, though we surely don’t deserve it. Have mercy on us, and even more than that I beg you to have mercy on those little souls.

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In his homily for the opening of the Year of Faith on Oct. 11, 2012, Pope Benedict spoke of the “desertification” of the world, describing society today as a kind of desert or void wherein godlessness runs rampant.

As we have seen in the recent defeat of the marriage amendment, today’s majority has turned away from the will of God, as known through revelation and the natural law, in order to seek lives built on self-desires and self-interests. Into such a secular context, this Year of Faith calls us to bear witness within society to the Kerygma or truth of the Gospel in new ways that are both attractive and persuasive.

I very much appreciate these thoughts from Pope Benedict. I have been feeling very detached lately, and his description of the world being a desert or void captures how I feel, although I don’t think it’s something new. Noah lived in a wicked world and Lot lived right in Sodom; both were so wicked that God completely destroyed them.

I guess I partly feel defeated – I think society has long been heading the wrong direction in areas of families and marriage, morals, and in issues of pro-life such as abortion, euthanasia and war (drones are a very spooky development to me). We have handed away too many of our freedoms that our ancestors fought so hard for – simply handed them away until now we don’t really notice a new law that tells us even what we can or cannot eat.

But it also feels good to be “detached” – I’m tired of worrying and struggling against it – it’s a losing battle. The world is going to do what the world wants to do. The desert is there, I can’t change it; I can only do what I can in my own little world, trying to help people in the ways God leads me.

I feel sad though; I think it is a snowball that’s rolling downhill and growing quickly. Besides the physical cost of immorality and evil in our world (shootings, human trafficking, etc.), there is an even greater spiritual cost. I know my part is to pray. And dear God, I do pray: Forgive us Lord for we know not what we do. Protect us from being deceived; protect us from evil; protect us body, mind and spirit. Please guide our leaders and open the eyes and minds and hearts of people around the world to You, to Your goodness and Light. Help us all to see you, to seek you, to follow you; help us to find Hope in You. In the name of Jesus I pray with the power of the Holy Spirit to our Heavenly Father, amen.

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I saw a pro-abortion graphic that has me shaking my head. I honestly don’t know if people are really that ignorant about reproduction, or if they just don’t care about the truth and only want to make their own point.

It essentially was trying to say that a chicken egg is not a chicken, and likewise an unborn child is not a human being.

First, an education in chickens. chicken and egg

An adult female chicken (a hen) will start to lay eggs as soon as her body is mature enough. It doesn’t matter if she’s ever in contact with a male chicken (a rooster); she will lay eggs. If she were to incubate those eggs, they would never hatch – there is no life in them. They are just eggs, unfertilized, and these are the type of eggs that you purchase at the grocery store.

Now introduce a rooster to mate with the hen. If you ever cracked open an egg that had been fertilized, you would know it immediately. At the very least, the yolk would have blood; at the most, you would distinctly see a chick forming within the egg.

Of course the egg is not a chicken! A chicken grows within the egg!

It would be far more accurate to compare an egg to a woman’s uterus. An egg is not a chicken – a chick grows within the egg. A uterus is not a baby – a baby grows within the uterus. The baby is not the uterus, and the baby is not the motherthe baby is a unique human being.

That is what makes the abortion discussion so difficult. We are not talking only about a woman and her life and her choices. We are also talking about another individual with an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That a human being goes through many stages throughout its life doesn’t change the unique personhood of each individual. You and I had all of our DNA from the moment we were conceived – our gender, eye color, and a myriad of other traits were set. We were a certain individual within the womb and we remained the same individual as as we matured from infant to toddler to our teenage years and then to adults. We are the same person at age 20 as we are at age 70.

A fertilized egg has life within it. A pregnant woman has life within her as well … a unique, human life.

13 You formed my inmost being;
you knit me in my mother’s womb.

14 I praise you, because I am wonderfully made;
wonderful are your works! My very self you know.

15 My bones are not hidden from you,
When I was being made in secret, fashioned in the depths of the earth.

16 Your eyes saw me unformed;
in your book all are written down;
my days were shaped, before one came to be. (Psalm 139)

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Yesterday a shooter walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and 20 children and 6 adults.

As the nation reels and mourns, we’re clearly set to have another round of arguments over gun laws.

Oh, how I wish we would have a different, far more important discussion instead.

When a society values “choice” over “life,” should we really be surprised that this would happen? Yesterday a person killed 20 children he didn’t know. Yesterday over 3,500 women killed their own unborn children, and today over 3,500 more will do the same.

Evil visited in a shocking way yesterday and people noticed. Evil is at work every day and we call it “choice.”

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